Peter Walz has been working in the visual, and craft arts since he was young.  Initially trained in music, Peter expanded his artistic work stemming from his training in fine woodworking at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME. 

While working as the manager of a restoration company, Peter began attracting private commissions in furniture and design, while pursuing visual experimentation in wood with Marquetry and textural emphasis.  

Since 2015 Peter has been focused on representation of the natural world, and the power of the visual image, or object to effect change from a cultural standpoint.  He hopes to capture the grandeur and overwhelming  power of nature in his work.

Peter's current project is a multi media series that blends representational images with abstract expressions of emotion.  He hopes to present these images in a forth coming book tied with short narratives on conservation of nature and material.

Peter splits his time between personal creative work in photography, oil paint, and wood, while working as the Traditional Crafts Educator at Historic Ithaca / Significant Elements, mentoring youth with barriers to employment.

Peter lives and works in the upstate New York region surrounding Ithaca, which affords a wide latitude in exposer to both a vibrant arts scene as well as wild natural beauty.